Get the bubbblys flowing!


Bubbly Batch is a coffee brand, community and a growing social media movement.

I’m Ben, founder of Bubbly Batch (@bubblybatchcoffee) and over the last 4 years I’ve worked as a Barista in Specialty Coffee. About a year ago I was in Manchester, where I was served a batch brew and for the first time I paid attention to the thick bubbly layer on top which is often present on batch brew but ignored. As a joke I wrote #bubblybatch on my Instagram. I carried on with it and over time it seemed to gain some momentum when friends and followers got involved. I’m now at a point where the brand has become recognised by many reputable companies and individuals in specialty coffee. I’ve been able to network and make new friends in and out of coffee through my brand. It’s of paramount importance to me that the brand maintains the principles of being raw, honest and a little bit outrageous.

This collaboration with Outpost is particularly special to me. It signifies new friendships and community within coffee. Matias has worked especially hard to make this happen, and I am very excited by the coffee that we've chosen. Kenyan coffees got me started in Specialty Coffee so I felt it was most fitting to choose this tasty one! Outpost are pushing onto the next level with their coffee offering and it's impressive to see how they're continuing to progress and develop, year on year. 

That's all from me. I hope you enjoy this coffee and get the bubbles flowing. Cheers!

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