• Freshly roasted coffees delivered to your door each month.

    Our aim? To bring you a streamlined subscription service that keeps youfully stocked in great tasting coffee.

    Every month you’ll receive a selection of coffees, carefully chosen by our head roaster, Chris.

    Choose from 1 x 225g bags up to 4 x 500g bags for the heavier caffeine user.

    Subscriptions will be roasted and dispatched during the first week of each month.

  • Our Timber Town espresso blend has been a staple in our line-up since we started!

    Always popular and now available in quantaties to suit even the most thirsty espresso drinkers, or if you want to get great-tasting coffee for your workplace or clubs. 

    Ethically sourced, hand-roasted, perfect black or with milk, in any brewing method.

    Subscriptions will be roasted and dispatched on the same day each month.

  • The perfect option for those who want a great-tasting cup of coffee without all the effects of caffeine!

    Get our single-origin decaf coffee delivered straight to your door, once a month.
    Ethically sourced, hand-roasted, tastes great served black or with milk!

    Our decaf is roasted to an espresso profile but will work well if you prefer to use filter brewing methods.

    Subscriptions will be roasted and dispatched on the same day each month

Recommended brewing equipment

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