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Perfect for one cup

Lovely enginered glass server, with a glass stopper that holds the V60

Santa Maria, Anaerobic Natural, Nicaragua

New favourite

Such a delicious coffee, bought it twice now


Great taste and profile. It was ground a bit too fine for me for V60 brew

This is the absolute daddy. Depth and sweetness, almost like drinking a cocktail. Really pleased that this was back in stock

Lovely smooth and understated everyday blend

Sour-sweet and way too fruity

I'm a man of simple tastes, and perhaps this one is just too flavoursome for me. I couldn't enjoy it at all. There's an overwhelming taste of fruity-mango or something here that was overpowering. Even upon opening the pack, I surprised to discover that, had I not known it was coffee, I would almost certainly be unable to identify the aroma as coffee...

It may be that a more sophisticated palate is required than I possess!

Delicious as espresso or with steamed cow's milk

Absolutely loved this, I like funky flavours and full body with a balanced flavour..this is great.
Rwandan coffees have really gone up in my estimation the last couple of years.. delicious.

Fantastic aroma

Makes arguably one of the best coffees I’ve ever had!

Excellent beans and excellent service

Excellent beans and excellent service. Always top quality.

Smooth and bright

Delicious Smokey and smooth flavour with a very mild acidic aftertaste.

Ideal for those who like a balanced flavour to their morning brew

Funky, natural , balance, body ;best of 24?

Outstanding, funky fruity, sweet ,balanced, good body... excellent both as espresso and goes very well with cow's milk

So comfy and pretty. What more could you want

Decaf, Colombia, Washed, CO2 Process

Superb as always.

Posted quickly, tasted brilliant and lovely packaging too.

Very nice coffee


Best tasting coffee ever!!

Fantastic coffee

This was brilliant. My friend bought me it is a gift, I had to order another tin to brew a cup for my coffee loving friends. Fantastic stuff!

Great Everyday Espresso

This blend is a delicious everyday espresso - perfect for when you just want a good cup of coffee. Also very popular with guests!

Aricha, Natural Carbonic Maceration, Ethiopia

Wonderful coffee.

Brewed it with French Press, it's great both as black coffee and with some milk.

Really good everyday espresso. Outpost have better roasts but this is great for an everyday brew

Finca Samaria, Anaerobic Natural, Nicaragua

Absolutely my favourite roast, with lovely fruity overtones. Almost impossible to brew badly it's so tasty

Aricha, Natural Carbonic Maceration, Ethiopia