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Working with likeminded businesses and helping them develop their specialty coffee offering is what we do...

We're lucky enough to already work with over 80 awesome specialty coffee shops, super cool hotels, restaurants and offices who understand the inherent value in a great cup of coffee. If you're looking for a partner to roast exceptional coffee for you, we're your guys and gals

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is so much more that exceptional green coffee. It's a global movement, involving almost every country in the world in some way. To be apart of this movement is a journey of discovery, for everyone involved, each and every day. We've been doing this for many many years and are excited to help others along the way. From roasting, brewing, work flow, equipment procurement, settings, water quality and customer experience - we'll help you cover it all.

We're here to help make you the experts

We're here to work with folks like you who are willing to throw everything at making a perfect cup of coffee, each and every time. We're not going to lie to you, it's going to be challenging, there will be plenty of small failures along the way, but the results will be rewarding.

Equipment/Asset Finance

Once we've helped you select the right kit for your business, it's important to consider your options around securing your equipment. Through our years of purchasing experience we can put you in touch with trusted finance companies to fund your set up.

Supporting Your Business

Maintaining a consistently high quality product offering is a difficult task and one that we are all too aware of. With years of experience held within the Outpost team, you're in good hands. Whether helping to support your new staff members, manage water filtration or co-ordinate engineers and machine parts, our team are here to help...

Our Services Include:

- Reactive Engineer Calls

- Planned Maintenance (Statutory Boiler Inspections and Annual Service)

- Water Filtration (Analysis and Management)

- Equipment Purchasing

- Equipment Financing

- Bar Planning and Cafe Layout

- Menu Development & Taste Assessment

- Brand Solutions

- Barista Training and Assessment

- Blend Development

For coffee samples, our latest offer list, or machine enquiries, please use the form below.

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